Saturday, April 25, 2020

What I Miss About My Pre-Covid-19 Life

I miss going to Sulphur Creek Nature Center with Miguelito.

I miss going to the farmers’ market as a family.

I miss our father/son grocery store shopping trips.

I miss going to parks and playgrounds with Miguelito.

I miss our libraries.

I miss going to the Castro Valley Library with Miguelito.

I miss seeing Miguelito and his cousin play together.

I miss seeing my sister interact with my son.

I miss our regular commute (for the most part).

I miss riding BART (believe it or not).

I miss having those twenty-minute train rides home by myself.

I miss meeting up with friends.

I miss sports.

I miss basketball.

I miss getting ice cream cones at Charlotte’s.

I miss having family over at our house.

I miss being around some coworkers at the clinic office.

I miss swimming at the local pool.

I miss having drinks with my future brother-in-law.

I miss eating out for lunch during the week.

I miss hugging and kissing my friends and loved ones.

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